Philosophy of Mind

The Recurrent Processing Theory of Consciousness

Introduction For a naturalist there seems no better option than some form of information integration theory of consciousness. They emphasise the physical processes and information relations that go on inside a brain and try to explain how consciousness arises from these interactions. In this essay I will focus on Lamme’s theory of recurrent processing (Lamme… Continue reading The Recurrent Processing Theory of Consciousness

Philosophy of Mind

Causal vs Structural Mental Content Determination

Introduction Hilary Putnam’s causal theory of mental content determination has long been influential in the literature. I will show here that, in addition to the various arguments against the theory on the grounds that the argument is unsound, it rests on some problematic assumptions and devices. The Twin Earth thought experiment is contrived in order… Continue reading Causal vs Structural Mental Content Determination

Cognitive Science

Dynamical Systems Theory

Introduction Dynamicism is, in short, the position that Dynamical Systems Theory (DST) is the best way to explain the behaviour of cognitive systems. Its proponents contend that other alternatives are needlessly complex in that they require some quite bulky representational structures in the case of classicism, or that they are actually just dynamical systems anyway… Continue reading Dynamical Systems Theory